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Hint for a secure username
Use 6 to 20 characters and start with a letter. You may use letters, numbers, and underscores.
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Create your own security question and answer. This is a very secure method for us to verify who you are during a customer service call.
(currency is held in USD)
Alternate ID is a unique secondary ID that is linked to your mobile wallet ID and can be any unique combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. This alternate ID can also be used to send and receive money to other people. This functionality allows users to use email address or other unique ID which is easier for people to remember.
For your security, our system will send a security code via SMS to your mobile number whenever you login from a new device. If the number you are using is not a mobile number, please provide an alternate number below that is able to receive SMS messages, and we will send the security codes to the alternate number instead.